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Supertape Double Sided 'A' Contour Lace Tape

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1 Pack contains 36 tape strips.

Strongest hairpiece tape ideal for hairpieces & toupees

What is lace front piece ?

A wig or hairpiece with lace along the front hairline.Which gives you an illusion that hair is coming out of your scalp.You do not need to put tape all long the front hairline just put few pieces that is enough.

Supertape toupee tape is low sine and kind of invisible after you apply to your hairpiece or toupee. Super tape "A" contour  is suitable in front of hairpiece.This lace front support tape secure any lightweight attachment or appliance for an average 2-4 weeks continuous hold. excellent bond to and base material.This is must have tape in your wig supply closet.

Supertape is one of the strongest  hold tape in the market.A long-lasting hold time for 2-4 weeks  based on your lifestyle and does not break down as much. It is easier to clean after even no need to use remover just peel it by hand.We offered best online price for super tape lace front shape tape.

FAQ about super-tape

what side of the supertape apply on the lace unit hairpiece ? The side with lettering print or the other side ?

Answer : 

Simple answer is It doesn't matter which side you use. But it is much easier to place the side without the the lettering on the lace or skin base. Once you have the tape in place then remove the paper backing with the lettering.