Vapon Topstick Double Sided Tape 1/2" x 3" Straight Tape Strips TS1/2 50

Vapon Topstick Double Sided Tape 1/2" x 3" Straight Tape Strips TS1/2 50

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Topstick tape strips size : 1/2" x  3"

Top stick toupee tape is suitable for all types of hairpiece bases.This is very low shine clear tape becomes invisible when it touches your lace wig base. Hairpiece wig tape strips for use on the curved edges of the hairpiece. Suitable for lace or poly base. Based on top stick clear hairpiece tape reviews this is the number one selling tape in the market.  

Topstick toupee tape double sided tape 1/2″ straight strip is to use in front side of the hairpiece or lace wigs.This toupee tape is very sticky and has little  shine.One packet contains. 1/2″ strips for use on the front of the lace units or edges of the hairpiece. This 1/2" tape strip covers all your hairpiece edges and gives you 1-2 days hold.

TOPSTICK® a clear, double-sided, medical adhesive tape in strips is a hypo-allergenic, waterproof, high quality tape that gives you longer hold when you apply to your hair systems.You can even apply to entire hairpiece interior for a secure hold not just the front or side of the units.

TOPSTICK® Front Liner – An amazing new hairpiece tape that makes the front edge of a hairpiece “disappear.” Hides the leading edge of the hairpiece. The points (serrated edge) are designed to extend slightly over the front edge of the hairpiece. The hair is then combed and pressed down onto the points to give a natural, blended look even in the wind. TOPSOL Solvent should be used to soften the points and release the hair before removing the hairpiece to prevent damage to hair on the front of