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The Best Lace Wig Adhesive

Either you use glue on your lace wigs or toupee or hairpiece every day or every week or month. You need top quality of hair glue for your hair attachment needs. Safety and perfect natural look are the only desires which bring you more confidence in your daily busy life. The ideal approach would be to attach your hair & style it and forget it until you re-attach next time. There are many wig glue manufacturers in the global market but we only carry top us brands like walker tape company , vapon , true tape. The wig adhesives require a more in-depth understanding of the construction of your hairpiece/wig base in order to pick the right glue otherwise it will destroy your hairpiece base and ruin your investment. It does not matter how expensive and secure and powerful your glue is if it is not designed for your base it will be useless. So pay more attention to which hairpiece base your glue is compatible before you try any of the products or just follow the hairpiece manufacture recommendations. 

All these glues provides up to a three to six week hold time with following characteristics 

  • Waterproof
  • Non yellowing 
  • Acrylic soft bond
  • Use lace release to remove the glue 
  • Clear plastic bottle