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Men's hair systems most realistic hairpiece - Q6

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Men's hair systems 

  • French Lace + PU on side
  • Split knots
  • 100% Indian human hair
  • Hair Length : 6"
  • Hair Density : Medium-light
  • Slight Wave 3.0cm
  • Bleach knots at the front 

This Q6 hair system is the most natural looking hair systems in US market today.Hair replacement men hair system requires full cutting and makes your own hair style .This hair replacement system has a free style which helps to  create your own natural hairstyle. This unit has french lace in front hairline  which can be trimmed  before applying for the  first time .It looks so real that even from a very close distance this hair system looks extremely natural .There is no way to know even when you use your own  fingers to touch the hair you will not be able to identify that you are wearing a hairpiece.

This stock unit you can do timing plucking and fine adjustment very easily to create your desire look and feel.   

Bleach knots at the front side makes very natural front hairline see photo .


 Pre-cut stock unit hair color #1B  medium to light density .Crown area of this unit see below photo.This is not the stock photo it is actual human hair systems you will receive.