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Hair Weaver Highlighting Foiling Hair Comb

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Professional Weaving & Sectioning Foiling Comb

Brand Name: BYFA
Model Number: comb
Size: 11.5cm*10cm*7.5cm
Material: Plastic
Type 1: Highlighting Comb
Item type: Special Professional Hair Comb 
Uses: accessories for hair dyeing
i)   Hair Color Dye
ii)  Hair Comb Brushes Tool
iii) Hair dyeing comb


  • Fish Bone Design Comb Hair Dyeing Sectioning made easy
  • DESIGNED FOR FINE HIGHLIGHTS - You can achieve consistent results in a fraction of the usual time and effort using this Peace of Art.
  • COMBS TEETH COME IN TWO EVENLY SPACED WIDTHS - ensuring that each strand of hair weaved is the same thickness
  • MADE OF HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL – Ensuring these weaving combs can maintain it's Initial Condition through years without changing it's shape or color