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Affordable Stock Full Lace Wigs selling 100% Indian remy human hair wigs since 2008. All styles of lace wigs manufactured with best quality human hair and all-handmade lace wig cap of the highest quality.



There are many types of cap construction, and the once you decide to choose depends on various factors. The silk top lace wig has Swiss or French lace around the perimeter and has a piece of silk located in the front center of more...


Every beauty person loves the idea of feeling glamorous but also have the opportunity of not having to put much effort into during their hair. A glueless full lace wig gives beauty gurus the chance to give them that opportunity.Since there is no glue that is needed, then putti more...

Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars. Based on 3 Reviews

Wear this wig every day !     Writer :   Jay      Posted:   09/05/2015

I wear this wig every day. It has become my style. When I washed it,let it dry w/o combing it, I was able to electric curl it on high heat and continue the look. Because of the low priceing of this web site I replenish the style as needed for the just out of the beauty parlor look. I purchased this wig for two of my co-workers who also love it.

nice     Writer :   saty      Posted:   09/04/2015

nice products

Love the hair color     Writer :   Kimdiva35      Posted:   08/18/2015

You will need bobby pins to secure this to feel secure. Overall, love this one but not for everyday use.This is perfect hair color for lighter skin color.Curl will loose after few hours of wear.

Why Shop at Apex Hairs?


Best Lace Wigs At Apex Hair?

Apex Hair is an online retailer who sells wigs since 2008. They are an online store that sells a variety of the best lace wigs for great low prices. All of their wigs are made from human hair or 100% Remy human hair. Apex Hair is dedicated to giving consumers the best, most stylish, and glam wigs they are able to at a fraction of what the same wigs might cost at other sellers. 

What Products does Apex Hair Carry Exactly? 

Apex Hair sells some of the nicest cheap human hair lace wigs available on the market today. The types of lace wigs they sell include: full lacewigs, glueless lace wigs, silk top lace front wigs, and lace front wigs. The styles of the hair are either long and pin straight, beach wavey, or softly curled. The colors range from soft brown to dark blackest black. Lengths for the hair are very long from ten inches to eighteen inches long. All of Apex Hair wigs are able to be styled and washed as needed or wanted. 

What are the Prices and the Cost of Shipping at Apex Hair? 

One of the best things about Apex Hair is that they sell the best lacewigs for affordable prices. So what are their prices ranges? Their wigs are typically listed at $199-$260. Shipping for items bought from Apex Hair depends on where you live and the number of items purchased. 

What do Customers think of Apex Hair? 

Apex Hair has generally great reviews about their cheap human hair lace wigs. Most customers say they are very happy with their wig quality and think it looks beautifully made. Most customers say they appreciate getting a freak deal on their wigs by shopping from Apex Hair. Because of these reviews and the positives of the company selling affordable, good quality and human hair wigs Apex Hair certainly have some of the best lace wigs available. What are you waiting for? Check out their merchandise on their online store for yourself to see the stylish and in vogue lace wigs Apex Hair is currently selling.