Apexhairs provides top-quality clip-in bangs made from 100% real human hair. Our premium clip-in side bangs are also crafted with human hair. Our high-quality clip-in hair extensions and natural fringe hairpieces for women's bang extensions are designed for easy and instant application. Simply match the clip-in bangs to your hair shade, snap them in, and transform your look while boosting volume and style. A wide range of hair shades including blonde, grey, brown, and black is available to suit your selection.

      Our clip-on air bangs are lightweight real 100% remy human hair material that matches your bio hair. These bangs have no shedding, and no tangles, are easy to care for, and last longer. Can be trimmed, curled, straightened, and easily dyed with your color shade. Give you a natural look.

      Clip-in fringe bangs fit your face well and are suitable for all face shapes. Just attach bangs clips in the front hairline to change your look quickly.

      How to Use Clip in Bangs for a Receding Hairline and Thinning Hair.

      Just attach the front of your hairline and just slide it back in gently and press the clips closed, position it where you think you want the bangs to be. For 3 clip bangs then there is one in the back just clip that press it in and there you go so you have these bangs and space framing the side.

      Clip in Curtin Bangs Hairstyle

      You can make these bangs as curtain bangs that can be clipped onto your hair. They have one single clip and are easy to put and easy to attach in your front hairline.

      Clip in Bangs with Dark Roots Hair  

      Because these are real 100% human hair clip-in bangs you can use a root spray via a brush would be good if dark roots are your style of desire.

      Perfect Fringe Bang Hairstyle

      You can achieve the same fringe bang style by adjusting these fake bangs.

      High-quality Real human hair Clip in Bangs

      These clip-in hair extension bangs are made from high-quality 100% human hair and will last longer than other bangs in the market.

      Fake Hair Clip In Bangs 

       Our synthetic hair fake bangs look real so get perfect bangs without the hassle.




      • Wash with warm water.
      • Use mild shampoo and conditioner.
      • Let the hair dry naturally after washing.