All About Nail Polish

all about nail polish
Origination of Nail Polish
Nail polish has been used for centuries, originating back to 3000 BC in China. Traditionally, nail polish was used as a way to signify class rankings. Individuals of higher-ranking class would typically wear a red nail polish while the lower class would wear nude and light colors. The polish was a mixture of beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, vegetable dyes, and gum. Later, individuals began adding additional ingredients to the polish mixtures in order to create various shades of polish.

Longevity of Nail Polish
Painting your nails is not always easy and can become quite the task trying to allow them to dry and set properly. Therefore, may people wonder how long does nail polish last once it has been applied? If done slowly and properly, the nails can last around two full days without chipping when using traditional nail polish. Thankfully, new formulas have been made in recent years that allow longer wear time averaging all the way up to two full weeks before needing to be re-polished. Worried because you just purchased some new nail polish? Are you wondering how long does nail polish last in the original bottle? Thankfully, nail polish can last, on average, 18 to 24 months in its container. It has been recommended by professionals to give nails a break from polish every so often in order to prevent chemicals form the polish to seep into nails. Over long periods of time, those chemicals have been known to seep into nail beds and cause discoloring, splitting, and even peeling.

Different Name, Different Product

As previously mentioned, nail polish has continued to develop over the years and now the market offers customers countless options for various lifestyles. You have your traditional nail polish, gel, lacquer, acrylic, PolyGel, dip powder, and shellac. Many people understand what the basic nail polish is but often wonder what is nail lacquer and how does it differ from traditional polish? Nail lacquer is typically a thicker solution. Having said that, you may be wondering what is nail lacquer good for when applied to the nail? The lacquer tends to not only last longer than regular nail polish but also protects the nail better due to that thicker solution.

Usage and Storage of Nail Polish

Unfortunately, nail polish can easily get neglected if multiple colors are collected over the years. It may turn into a thick goopy mess and many individuals may consider the entire product ruined. However, you may be wondering how to thin nail polish in order to salvage it. Many professionals claim that their go-to how to thin nail polish out is to add a drop of pure acetone to the bottle of polish and shake. The acetone reacts to the nail polish in order to thin the product back out for easier usage.

Why Does Nail Polish Bubble

There could be a number of reasons that could answer the question why does nail polish bubble. In most cases the bubbles appear during the drying process. This could be due to the nail polish being too thick, there was not enough time left between coat applications, there was not a clear base coat, or it could even mean that your nail polish has expired. Therefore, it is important to check your product prior to application to ensure the best coating.

It Is Not All About the Polish

In recent years nail stickers and art have become extremely popular. These stickers and art allow you to add a unique twist to any old boring nail color. However, many people look at these stickers and art and wonder how to apply nail stickers correctly to get perfect nails each time. The process is actually quite simple to understand and takes only a few attempts before the art of nail stickers can be mastered. First, you will want to ensure your nails are clean and dry. Next, you will want to carefully place the nail stickers gently on the nail. This step is always easier is you work slowly and have tweezers readily available. You will then want to smooth the sticker out carefully from the center out towards the edges. Following this, you will then want to trip up the excess amount of sticker by trimming the ends with small scissors and then smooth out using an emery board. You will then want to finish the process by applying two coats of a topcoat to the nail. This ensures that the sticker will last. Luckily, there are countless instructional YouTube videos that can walk you through the tedious process of how to apply nail stickers.

How To Get Nail Polish Out of Clothes

You have painted your nails and they look perfect; however, you look down and see you have somehow managed to get nail polish on your clothing. Now, you are wondering how to get nail polish out of clothes? You will need to test a small amount of acetone-based fingernail polish remover on a hidden seam in order to ensure the garment will not change colors. Once this has been done, you will want to remove any excess fingernail polish that may still be on the garment. Next, you will begin removing the stain by placing a small amount of white paper towels underneath the stained area. Then grab a cotton swab or white cloth and apply acetone to the stained area. You will then remove any traces by using rubbing alcohol or a cleaning solvent. Finally, you will finish the process by washing the garment with normal launder fabric or regular cleaning solution.

How to Remove Nail Glue

This can be a tricky process because nail glue is extremely strong. However, the process of how to remove nail glue can be conquered. You will also need to think if you are trying to figure out how to get nail glue off your nails or how to remove nail glue from skin because the methods may be slightly different. If you are wanting to know how to get nail glue off your nails you will want to soak a cotton ball in acetone and rub in on each fingernail. This will remove any access glue on the nail surface leaving a nice clean natural nail. If you want to know how to remove nail glue from skin the process is slightly different. You will want to immerse your skin in to warm soapy water. Then, you will gently scrub the area that has glue with an emery board in order to catch and remove the raised areas of glue. Then you will put the area of skin in an acetone-based nail polish remover, gently rubbing the area yet again in order to remove any small glue that will remains on the skin. You will finish each process by washing the nails and skin in warm soapy water.

How to Remove Nail Polish from Wood

Although nail polish is a great invention, it can be extremely difficult to remove from surfaces. You have a beautiful piece of wooden furniture, but somehow nail polish has found its way to the surface. After initially freaking out, you are probably wondering; how to remove nail polish from wood? Thankfully, by using rubbing alcohol nail polish an be lifted from the surface. Simply use the alcohol, a clean soft cloth, and do your best to move slowly with the grain of the wood. It should be noted that depending on how gentle the nail polish is removed with vastly impact the overall end result.

Setting Time

Many individuals may wonder how long does it take nail polish to dry? They time may vary depending on the nail polish used. Typically, the nails may be used around 5 to 15 minutes after the nail polish has been applied. However, the nails actually require around one to two hours to completely dry. So, how long does it take nail polish to dry completely? If there has been a base coat, two coats of polish, and a topcoat: the nails will require the full amount of time to dry in order to ensure they do not get messed up.

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