Best Essential Oils For Hair Growth

Oils For Hair Growth
Essential oils have a vast amount of benefits for thinning, dry or dull hair. Most essential oils have antiseptic properties, can promote blood flood, and reduce inflammation. A distillation process is used to obtain oil from plant materials. There are multiple ways to obtain essential oils. It can be derived from plant material by squeezing the plant material, dissolving the plant material in a solvent or by using fat. Some essential oils, such as oils obtained from citrus fruit, are best obtained using one of these alternative methods. You will want to keep this information in mind because some essential oils are phototoxic, which means that the molecules interact with your DNA to make your skin more susceptible to sunburn, resulting in 2nd degree or potentially 3rd-degree burns. The molecules that cause phototoxicity are not evaporated along with the oil molecules in the process of distillation. In other words, oils that are produced from distillation are less likely to be phototoxic. When dealing with essential oils it is imperative to inform yourself of the dangers and proper procedures to use. When one takes the time to inform themselves, essential oils are perfectly safe and can enhance not only your hair but your skin and overall health.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil for hair can create numerous benefits for your hair. Are you suffering from hair loss due to an autoimmune condition, hormones or a poor hair care routine? You should consider adding rosemary oil for hair to your hair routine. This Mediterranean plant can help you regrow your hair. rosemary produces an essential oil that will help promote blood flow and has anti-inflammatory properties. To experience the benefits of rosemary oil for hair growth you can add several drops to your shampoo. You should start to see the benefits of rosemary oil a few months after starting the treatment. Rose mary oil for hair loss in some studies had results that were comparable to products like Rogaine and minoxidil. A 2015 study using rose mary oil for hair loss showed that the benefits of rosemary oil for hair loss were just as effective as minoxidil and resulted in less scalp irritation. Using Rosemary oil for hair growth is one of the best oils you can add to your hair routine.. Rosemary oil is one of the best essential oils for hair loss.


Lavender is known for its fragrant scent but there are also several benefits of lavender oil for hair. Using lavender oil for hair will not only leave your hair smelling fragrant, but it will also promote hair growth, help prevent an overgrowth of bacteria or fungi. It will kill or slow down the progression of head lice and can help control frizz. When using lavender oil for hair it best to mix the oil with a carrier oil. You then massage the lavender oil and carrier oil directly onto your scalp. You can let the mixture sit in your hair overnight or you can let the mixture seat for 10 to 15 minutes. You will start to experience some of the benefits of lavender oil for hair right away, but you will need to regularly use lavender oil for your oil to see a significant change in the quality of hair.


Lemongrass is a tropical plant that can reach heights of around 3 to 5 feet. The plant has a notable citrusy smell that can be calming to the senses. Testing completed on lemongrass oil has proved that it effectively kills or retards the growth of a wide range of bacteria and fungi. If you are experiencing hair loss due to an overgrowth of bacteria and fungi, you will discover the lemongrass oil benefits for hair are true. Lemongrass oil benefits for hair don’t stop htere. Using lemongrass oil for hair will reduce dandruff, soothe an irritated scalp and can prevent frizz. While regularly using lemongrass oil for hair you can expect to see results in at about a month.

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil comes from a tree native to Australia. Eucalyptus oil benefits for hair include several benefits. One of the eucalyptus oil benefits for hair is its proven anti-inflammatory properties. The oil can be used as a treatment or as a preventive measure against head lice. The oil is packed full of antioxidants and other useful molecules making eucalyptus oil for hair growth an excellent decision. With continual usage of eucalyptus oil for hair growth, you can expect a drastic improvement in the health of your hair.

Frankincense oil

Frankincense oil is retrieved from the Boswellia tree, which can be found in parts of Africa and the middle east. Studies on frankincense have discovered that the tree resin has properties that could potentially be used to treat cancer. Studies completed so far demonstrated that Frankincense seemed to help shrink tumors and killed cancer cells. Outside of the anti-cancer effects of frankincense, the frankincense oil has been found to work great for hair. Frankincense oil for hair has anti-inflammatory properties and contains vitamins E, albeit a small percentage of vitamin E but enough to provide nutrition to dry, dull hair. Frankincense oil for hair can also be used to stop or slow the progress of hair loss due to alopecia androgenetic. Frankincense oil benefits for hair are impressive. The many frankincense oil benefits for hair make it worth adding this miracle oil to your hair routine today.


Cedarwood is often used to make building materials. The wood from this tree can withstand a variety of conditions, making it a make a great material to use for a variety of projects. Cedar has a woodsy smell that can be refreshing in some aspects. The Cedarwood fragrance is often mixed with other fragrances when producing perfumes. The list of uses for Cedarwood is almost endless. The list of Cedarwood oil benefits for hair is surprising too. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which can approve the overall health of your scalp resulting in healthier hair. Using cedarwood oil for hair can reduce dandruff and improve skin flexibility. Adding cedarwood oil for hair to your shampoo will allow you to start seeing cedarwood oil benefits for hair right away, in some cases.

how to mix essential oils for hair growth

Learning how to mix essential oils for hair growth is an easy process. Essential oils are likely to irritate your skin if used without being diluted. You can mix essential oils with carrier oils, which are oils derived from vegetables normally. You can also mix these oils with your shampoo or in some cases apply them sparingly directly to your hair. Adding these essential oils to your hair routine can help regrow your hair in almost every situation. Even for those who are using essential oils for hair regrowth after chemo. Mixing a high-quality rose mary oil with other oils or shampoo is the best way to regrow hair for those using essential oils for hair regrowth after chemo. These are some of the best essential oils for hair loss but depending on what is causing your hair loss you will be better off using one essential oil over another. Losing your hair can be a devastating event but nature has created oils that can regrow hair when used regularly.

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