Best Hairpiece Tape And Toupee Tape

Hairpiece Tape and Toupee Tape wig supplies requires everything to organize your hair system or hairpiece on your head. When you only consider the best quality hair tape that fulfill your daily hairpiece wear requirements. You have to see what quality supplies available in the market that you will maintain your hairpieces.

  • One big front mirror with led fixed light on upper edge of the mirror.
  • Extra handheld mirror to see the back of your head.
  • A box of important supplies
    • Ultra-hold 0.5 oz bottle wig glue by walker tape 
    • Double sided hairpiece tape (Straight, 'CC’, 'AA') contours
    • Hairpiece tape rolls
    • C-22 citrus solvent (Hair glue remover)
    • 99% alcohol spray 
    • Glue brush applicator
    • Hair shampoo of your choice 


Topstick clear hairpiece tape is unique by their design for sensitive skin while also offering reliable mid-range hold. If you have sensitive skin, it can be difficult to find any product which can both safe on your skin but also produce high quality results with your systems. Fortunately, with topstick you are getting the best of both worlds. These tapes are considered hypoallergenic hairpiece tape by manufacturer and customers enjoy how gentle these are on their skin. Most manufactures offer daily wear and extended wear which is a week or more. However top stick offers something in the middle with 3-5-day hold. These tapes are popular choice with customers looking for mid-range hold. One drawback which has occurred its popularity that it has more shine then most tapes. There are different ways to fix this but we recommend to talk to your hair technician to determine which is the best way to eliminate shine for you. These tapes are applied to the base of your hair system. While topstick tape is design for poly system but it is safe to use on lace system as well. However, these tapes are thicker than most which can make tape visible through thin lace material. There is no shipping restrictions with these tapes and they are available in variety of contours and shapes you have to choose a tape which is perfect for you.

3M hairpiece tape: 3M 1522 double sided clear straight tape is also used in hospitals to assist with holding IV & pic lines, but it is great for sensitive skin. This tape has mild hold time like 2-3-day hold. Great for the person who take hair piece off maybe daily. Easy to clean up using alcohol or any hair adhesive solvent.  

Daily / Weekly Hairpiece Maintenance 

You must maintain the frontal hairline of the hairpiece because the hairline becomes loose and not look very good after some time, so you must maintain it either daily or in couple of days. You need to take it off, clean it and put it back.

A big misconception that human hair hairpieces are better or higher quality than synthetic hairpieces, which is so not true. A high-quality synthetic fiber looks just like human hair. And also, be styled like human hair. Both require the same supplies. A clear hairpiece tape is always preferable then any color tint in it.Now all most all hairpiece tapes are transparent so it will disappear when it touches your skin or hairpiece to make more natural look.

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