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  • How do you wear a ponytail extension with a claw clip

Claw clip-in ponytail extension is easy to put with just one clip. No curling or perming needed. 20-22" fake hair ponytail gives you instant volume and hair gain. It looks fabulous and fluffy hair pony .A large size claw clip pre-attached with this ponytail extension will seamlessly blend in with your own human hair and stay like that without slipping off even on windy day. This pony hair style will be  flawless all day along.
Perfect amount of hair gives you extra boost and thickness. Just clip on with your hair gives you no starching natural blend with your own hair. Just open the clip and clip it in to your own natural hair. Instant volume ponytail extension human hair no perming and curling needed! This 22-inch length long wavy hair extension will transform your tress into the beautiful waves in seconds.

Fluffy soft texture hair extension adds the perfect amount of thickness and length to give you an extra boost.

Claw Clip Ponytail Hair Extension Super easy to put on with just 1 Clip! Comes with a built-in claw clip that lock the ponytail onto your hair securely with no slipping.

Claw clip ponytail extensions hair piece.


  • How do you attach hair extensions to a claw clip
  • How do you store a clip in a ponytail

Either put it in the mannequin's hair for easy storage.

  • Can you cut a synthetic ponytail?

Yes, you can, but it very unlikely but you still be able to make its length short.

  • claw clip ponytail human hair
  • clip on ponytail for black hair
clip on ponytail for black hair
  • clip on ponytail human hair

Mostly claw clip ponytail hair are synthetic hair.

  • claw clip short ponytail

Yes you short hair claw clip ponytails are also available.

  • claw clip ponytail hairpieces

That is most natural hairpiece claw clip ponytail. 

  • claw clip ponytail style.

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  • Catherine

    Have you ever heard of a clip on hairpiece called a fall? I guess the best way I can explain them is that they would look like a horizontal clip on much like a ponytail which is vertical. I had one years ago and have been looking for one.

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