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 how to do a messy bun

Photo by Angelique Downing from Burst

A fake hair MESSY BUN  also known as fake hair bun.If you have short or thin hair and you do not want to struggle in managing and maintaining by your own. Another solution is to purchase a fake hair messy bun that matches with your own hair color. There are some nice fake hair messy bun in online stores now a days. This fake hair bun , you can create a side or top knot or a messy bun in seconds! .There are many ways  to wear this bun because it comes with easy elastic band that attaches to your own hair and you can style it with your fingers or comb, and it's totally up to you! If you do not have too much time you can do few easy way's to use & style this fake bun on your head. Messy bun has a elastic inside it to securely attach with your hair. You can also use hot tools on this hair piece also if you want particular style and look.

loose messy bun


Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst

You can watch the most realistic bun tutorial from YouTube. If your hair is thin and it requires your messy bun skills to make it perfect & that's just not reality for most of us. But hard work and do it right to style the messy bun in perfect shape.

No hair extensions needed if that hairstyle match your personality. If you have longer hair-check out my messy bun tutorial videos online. Those videos show you how to create this big messy bun with super short thin fine hair. Tou can also use dry shampoo with your fake messy bun, that is very important to give a lot of texture to your hair. Batiste shampoo works 100% for many of us, but I do know some ladies don't like it , so make sure to try different types of shampoos and find the one that works for you. Bun hairstyle inspire more girls to experiment with thin fine hair they have. Thin fine hair is not the end pf life and you can fake fullness and volume, just need some practice and find products that work for you. 

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