Hair System Tape Vs Glue On Hair Front line


Should i tape the front hairline of the hair system or not ?


What is Hair System Tape?

Hair system tape is a double sided sticky tape that attaches your hairpiece to your scalp. It is very popular among beginners and veterans as well. Based on how strong the tape is. 

 Daily wear tape

  • If you plan to remove your hair system every day that requires a daily wear tape with medium hold. 
  • Daily Wear Hair System tape or tape roll will provide  1-7 day hold time  of your hairpiece on your scalp. Single sided hair tape is suitable for fragile lace hair units .
  • Hairpiece tape contours are double-sided hair system tape those are available pre-cut in different shapes that making them easy to apply for short term wear and provide easy attachment for the first-time hair system wearers.
  • Red line hairpiece tape is very common in daily hair system wearers. Daily wearers and those who wear thin skin bases use red liner tape as a barrier from the stronger tapes or glue as a first protection layer attaches to the thin skin base before using any stronger tape or glue that protect the skin hair system from the damage , that act like a extended wear hair system tape.

Daily wear works best for people with following lifestyle

  • Only wear the hair system during the day before sleep time.
  • Don’t want to sleep or shower in their hair system
  • Take off the hair system at night before going to bed.
  • Have severe skin sensitivity to adhesives or solvents
  • Have extremely oily skin and have had trouble with getting an extended-wear attachment to work for them
  • Skin issues that requires their scalp to “breathe” overnight

    Extended Wear

    •  Extended wear hair system tape offers maximum wear hold time of 4-​6 weeks, with a superior extended bond and flexibility 


    What are the benefits of using tape?

    Tape is easy to apply, provides a long, strong hold, and can be easy to clean up.


    It all depends on your hairstyle , if you are exposing your front hairline but using any comb over hairstyle then of course you have to use a nice hair system glue on hairline instead of using the hair system tape, for a more natural hold that will last without risk of lifting of one's hairline. But if you prefer to put a tape in front hairline , and when by the passage of time that tape makes that lift it creates a shadow under your hairline plus in time dust and debris sticks to it and shows. Ideally hairpiece system tape is good at the back and sides but in the front of your hair system definitely a nice glue adhesive is the best answer. The front part of the forehead frequently moves which makes it more vulnerable to loosening, that said, glue on hairpiece or scalp is the best option. 

    When should i use the Hair System Tape on the front hairline ? 

    Question about when should be the best time when you use the hair tape instead of the glue adhesive ?Certain hair systems like mono and PU base stock units and you do not want to expose your hairline means your hairstyle will be comb down. But keep in mind hair tape is much easier cleanup then hair adhesive.   

    Oily skin and front hairline? 

    If  you struggling with your front hair line to stay attached and you nearly everyday  used ghost bond and walker ultra hold wig glue but still not attached because of your scalp is very oily none of them is working. Walker tape company want you to use scalp protector like walker max sport or one for oily skin.


     What are the most common brand of the hair system tape & glue are?


    • Supertape by true tape 
    • Walker tape 
    • Vapon topstick wig tape 
    • Walker tape ultra hold glue brush on


    Double sided toupee tape 

    Double sided toupee tape is sticky on both sides of the tape. You can attach a hair system base on one side of the tape and other sticky side apply on your scalp. Thin skin hair systems are very difficult to attach either from tape or glue, please ask your hair tech for what choices are better for these types of bases.


    So what if you replace your hair system glue with strongest hair system tape?  

    You can use ultra hold tape but still glue is more stronger then the strongest tape. Tape is easier to clean and less messy. You can use glue on lace hair system, but check with your hair tech because sometimes glue damages the lace and is difficult to cleanup.

    If you apply walker tape scalp protector on your head first before apply the hair system glue on it that will make a shield between your scalp and the adhesive which will prevent the breaking down the adhesive bond glue.  

     Tape when apply correctly is way less maintenance then glue. So as we said it  before if you do not have an exposed front hairline, tape it all  the way around and apply some of it in the middle of the hair system as well do it how you comfortable to it that's it. But if you do have a exposed front hair line then apply the glue on your front hair line and tape on the back. The benefit of the tape is it stays in one area where you applied it, glue is run around your head little bit so they is not go anywhere just stick to one area does not go anywhere does not wash out to other areas which is good. For clean up just roll it right off the system and it comes right off. Glue on the other hand plug into the system by itself which requires a glue remover to carefully remove from the scalp and system. If you did not do the glue adhesion correctly the steps the glue tells you to take, you can really make a mess and have a nightmare on your hands so just follow the direction with the glue. So tape vs glue it is just that simple that tape is better then glue but in certain applications. Use the glue on exposed hairline and use the tape on no exposed hairline. Do a full bond one day and then have to clean the system it just way more work. 

    You are not suppose to use tape on hair replacement thin skin poly base units because is very strong as compared to thin poly base. Obviously tape can damage the poly base when you take it off the system it will tear the poly Glue base. Poly thin base which is .03 millimeter thin skin.

    Glue in your hair how to remove it ?When you removing the glue from your base by using fingers sometime it get into your hairpiece hair as well. Actually it is easy to fix just use your fine tooth comb to remove it from the hair. 

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