How To Apply Magnetic Lashes

These are fake lashes but you put them on your eyes is with magnates.These are different from your regular eye lases where you use glue on them to put on your eyes.This is how they put fake eye lashes if they wear them.But if you hate glue attachment like most of the people do you can use magnetic eyelashes.It does not matter what lash glue you wear but there is always be a glue residue to clean up later from your eyes when you take them off. 

Cool thing about magnetic eyelashes is it does not require any glue when you wear them.How it works is there are two lash band on each end with magnetic on each ends when you clip on and attached on each other between your actual lash. So you do not need the glue snap them on and ready to go.Some time you will face real hard time to wear them but when you learn how to do it it will be very easy .When you receive the magnetic eye lases it looks you receive four pair but in realty it is not.Actually each eye has two sets of magnetic lashes to snap on to make one pair.   

  • It is better to use  tweezers to hold each lash when you apply them on your eyes.
  • Wear them first without applying any mascara and curl.
  • Feel free to curl them after you apply it gives them better hold as well.
  • After you curl your lashes you can apply your favorite mascara on them.

 Magnetic eye lases looks exactly same like your fake eyelashes but without any glue.

Popular brands of magnetic eyelashes:

Ardell Professional Magnetic Lash Accents 001 (1-Pair)
Kiss Lash Couture Triple Push-Up 72774 KLCP07

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