How To Choosing Hair Extensions

Everything You Need to Know when Choosing Hair Extensions 

Hair extensions provide and excellent solution to the problem of desiring new look. Quality hair extensions have the ability to immensely transform your appearance. Hair extensions can be used to add length, increase thickness and volume, change texture, and experiment with different colors. The key to achieving your best look with hair extensions is picking the perfect hair extensions for you. Each different category of hair extensions have both pros and cons. Three examples of the different types of hair extensions are clip in hair extensions, glued in extensions, and sewn in hair extensions. 
Clip in hair extensions are gossamers of hair with clips affixed at the to one end. One of the good things about clip ins is that they are perfect way to try out hair extensions. This is because they are the cheapest option, they application time is very short, and if you do not like them; they can be taken out in a matter of minutes. Also, the fact that you can put them in yourself saves you a lot of effort. However, there are some draw backs to clip ins. A double-edged sword is that since they are the cheapest option, they are the lowest quality; and they usually do not last very long. Also, you have to remove them daily in order to prevent the clips from damaging your natural locks. 
Glued in extensions are attached to the hair by a process called fusion bonding. The fusion is achieved by either a hot or cold tool. One of the upsides to these types of extensions is that they can last up to six months. Also, these extensions can be washed, styled, and treated just like you would your natural hair. One of the down sides of the glued in method is that they must be installed by a professional stylist. One of the downsides of glue in extensions is that the glue can damage your hair; both from the chemicals the glue contains, and by pulling out and thinning your natural hair. 
Sewn in hair extensions involves creating a small braid all the way around your head. Then, a professional sews in the hair to the base braid. The pros to this method of extensions are that they are long lasting, they are very natural looking, and they can be styled as if they were your natural hair. However, there are some drawbacks to this type of extension. If the braids are done too tightly they could cause pain and hair loss. Also, this type of extension is the most expensive. All in all, hair extensions have many positive attributes. Deciding the best hair extensions for you is the most important part of the process!

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