How to Cut Bangs on a Wig

Review of the Wig Bangs Tutorial
According to the wig bangs tutorial, in order to properly style your wig, it is important that you have the right tools on hand. Since wig hair is not easily replaceable, it’s important that you have a broad range of combs and rollers, thinning shears, several long clips and t-pins. After all, when it comes to wigs, there is hardly anything worse than matted hair.
How to Cut Side Bangs on a Wig

You start out by separating the section that you want the bangs to start with your own hands. The long clips come in handy for holding the bangs in place. Uneven bangs are not good so be sure to do exactly on one side what you did on the other side. The t-pins come in handy for pinning down the long clips to “measure” the amount of body on each side. Next, comes the final combing-out, then you pin a couple more clips to “measure” how much you want to cut and where.
Next, you cut above where you place the clips. One easy way as to how to cut side bangs on a wig is to move the clips down about six or seven inches, cut above that. Always keep the hair you cut in case you mess up a little and need to add weft extensions. Be sure to hold the rest of the hair back with something like a butterfly clip to prevent yourself from accidentally cutting any extra hair. 

How to Cut a Wig into Layers

Separate side bangs into a top and bottom layer. The bottom layer is then cut shorter and curled to serve as a foundation for the top one. This is done by clipping the top layer away from the bottom and cutting the bottom so that the top can sit on it. If you have thinning shears, you can thin them down, then feather out the edges with a razor and trim them. Finally, use a small-toothed comb to get out all the tufts leftover from the razor.

The second section of how to cut a wig into layers involves holding up the top layer to find the bottom layer again in order to get them out of the way. Then put the bottom layer on the rollers. After clipping the rollers, use hairspray. Then repeat the process with the top ones but with larger rollers. Then use a low hairdryer on the rollers. Now, you can take out the rollers and do the final comb-out.

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