How To Decide Between Wig Adhesive Glue And Double Sided Wig Tape

Wigs and hairpieces are so versatile and have come a long way from the boxed hairline look. Wigs and hairpieces are looking more natural Double Sided Hairpiece Wig Tapeand are oftentimes a go-to for your hair needs. You can attach wigs especially front hairline with the wig glue and use wig tape on side and back. But nowadays we have very sticky no-shine wig tape available in the market for sale which you can apply on the front hairline of the wig instead of wig glues or adhesives. Wigs can add length and protect your natural hair from heat damage and harmful chemicals. Wigs are not just made for one culture or race and can help many get out of their comfort zone by adding different hairstyles and vibrant colors for the ones that do not normally take the risk. There are many ways to apply wigs, but wig tape is a new trend that may be easier to apply. 

Vapon topstick hairpiece tape is a double sided adhesive that you have to put on your skin and then attach the wig in order for your wig to be in place and to stay in place for up to 4 weeks. When using this type of adhesive you will have to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients incorporated in the tape. To make sure that you are not allergic, it is best to do a test on your forearm by placing the tape in that area and seeing if there will be a reaction within the first 24 hours of use.There are many tapes that are available on the market.


Walker tape has been on the market for thirty years and has been the leading men's hairpiece tape for both wigs and toupee's. Walker No-Shine Tape Strips is easy to use and last for 5 weeks. It is considered a no shine tape, making it quite invisible when applying wigs. This tape is also considered to be the best toupee tape for men. The tape is clear and flexible with skin.Another lace front double sided tape for wigs that has become popular is true tape. Their products are likable because they offer removers for the adhesive as well as the tape. This double sided tape for wigs come in very handy when applying lace front wigs. It has the same effects as other brands but is not hypoallergenic. This thin acrylic tape is considered to be stretchy and multi-week wearable. With this tape you will not feel the tape and your skin will move naturally underneath the wig and tape.

The last tape that is very popular is Vapon Topstick. It has the same benefits as others, but there is a difference in the color that the tape comes in. The tape actually comes in clear, gold and blue and is a no shine wig tape.This tape line is 
hypoallergenic and also medical adhesive. This tape can be easily removed by using the adhesive remover or alcohol. There are many types of placement lace front double sided tape from this creature that is available for purchase. Many times women like to use wig closures and there is also adhesive tape that is available for wig closure placement. There is an adhesive from Walker tape that is called Ultra hold glue. This glue is silicone based and can be applied for a soft bond on your wig closure. There are also waterproof wig tape that will allow you to keep your wig in place no matter the weather or if you wanna take a dip in the pool. This waterproof wig tape will hold up against sweating and also everyday hygiene care.

Women are not the only ones that take advantage of adding a new look. Men like to have the same advantage as women by adding a hairpiece or men's toupee to help with hair loss or to fill in missing hair. Although all of the tape brands are available for men hairpiece tape. The best toupee tape is by walker because it has been around for many years and has become the leading brand for men's hairpiece tape. Walker's No shine tape has become very handy for placement of men's toupee.

Supertape is another double sided wig tape that is best for man's hairpiece placement. It has been known to hold for a long time and feel natural on the skin. Supertape does not break down and become messy or sticky and can last up to thirty days. It is water based and comes in a large roll that consists of 36 pieces. 


In conclusion, wigs are good at adding length and protecting natural hair. For men toupees and men hairpiece are to help men fill missing hair. There are many double sided tape for wigs brands such as Walker No-Shine Tape Strips , Vapon topstick and True tape. Many of them are waterproof and can be worn for up to four weeks at a time.

The waterproof aspect helps to keep the wig or toupee placed no matter the weather or everyday hygiene care. Although there are few brands that make their lace front double sided tape for wigs hypoallergenic you should make sure to do a skin test by placing the tape on the forearm. If you do this you will want to watch for skin reactions that will more than likely take place within the first 24 hours. The walker brand has made itself well known by being around for 30 years and building its reputation for being the best men toupee tape. The tape brands have a no shine option available which helps to give the tape and wigs a more natural look. Many of the tapes come in an off white color, but can be found in blue, gold and clear. These tapes are barely noticeable and move naturally with your skin.

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