How to do Messy Space Buns Hair Tutorial! - For Long Hair in 5 min!

half up half down space buns

If you have log hair It will be so easy to make all these cute and easy hairstyles quickly and change your look. Nice trick for those of us with long  and thick hair. You do not think that some day you were able to do this style since even if your hair is almost close to your butt. You can give it a try for yourself and enjoy your look.


messy space bun

 Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

Messy Space Buns hair style is perfect for those who needs help to spare their exhausted arms and unnecessary frustration to manage their long hair everyday .

  • Brush your hair
  • Use long tail comb to separate your hair
  • And make a very straight and clean part as much as possible
  • Work on each part of your hair separately and clip the other 
  • The hair portion you are working raise the hair up for that portion with the hair brush.
  •  And position your ponytail that look best on your head.
  • Keep your ponytail bun very top that look best on you.
  • Use your comb to smooth everything.
  • Going to secure everything on top your head with an elastic band. 
  • Do the same thing to the other side as well to match both side. 
  • Match both side of bun ponytail is always a challenge 


    Messy Space Buns

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