How to Get Rid of Split Ends

What are split ends

Apparently, everybody has split ends, men and women. What are split ends? They are caused by the end of each individual hair strand, splitting. Although split hair can occur anywhere on the hair strand, splits are more often at the end.

What Do Split Ends Look Like

For those few of us who have to ask what do split ends look like, there are four different types of shapes. Split ends close up are easy to see. They look like the ends of a rope that is coming apart.
The double split is a deep break where the hair cuticle is too dry exposing the inner cells causing pressure forcing the strand to break apart. It is one split in two, a rather deep split.
A partial split isn’t as deep as a double break, but will probably develop into a double split.
The tree break is a sign that the hair is in serious trouble as it has multiple breaks up and down the hair strand. The split ends close up look like branches on a tree. The only answer to bad split ends like this is a trim.
Last, the fork is not as serious as the tree break but nevertheless, is worse than the double.

What Causes Split Ends

Split hair is caused because mainly it needs hydrating just like the rest of our bodies. The ends of the hair split often because the end gets dryer the further the cuticles from the sources of natural oils and moisture of the scalp. The cells at the end are older and become dry and brittle like a rope.
Hair breaks more easily when it is wet and for that reason, hair should not be dried with a terry cloth towel but a microfiber towel, and it should be patted dry. It wouldn’t hurt to let the hair dry by itself in the air.
Washing the hair too often with too much shampoo also breaks it down. Hair needs washing two or three times a week.

How to prevent split ends naturally

Using blow dryers that are too hot can cause bad split ends. Hair cuticles are more likely to break with heat. Too much heat is what causes split ends. Too hot curling irons will cause stress and splits. A hot shower, though it is comforting, will cause breaks. Chemicals, such as straightener, dyes, and shampooing products contain chemicals that can weaken the hair ad cause it to split.
Weather, always weather, causes trouble. When it is too hot and too dry it stresses the hair. That takes extra help and care.

How to Remove Split Ends

Split ends can be camouflaged but never eliminated and made to look better but never completely erased. How to remove split ends is to trim them off.

How Much Hair Should I Trim to get Rid of Split Ends?

Keeping the hair trimmed and cared for regularly will help it grow faster and increase in volume. No matter how long your hair is it should be regularly trimmed. If you are asking how much hair should I trim to get rid of split ends, the answer is maybe an inch every 6 to 8 weeks.

Hair Splits Remover

It is best to have the hair trimmed at regular intervals to succeed at hair splits remover. The hair is best removed by hot scissors heated to 310 degrees which will sear the ends of the cuticles and keep them from splitting further.

How to Get Rid of Split Ends at Home

The ways to reduce the number of split ends is the only way of how to get rid of split ends at home. Taking care of your hair and your diet is first. Your diet affects your hair just as it affects your health. If you don’t eat a healthy diet your hair will show it. Try to get sufficient folic acid and biotin.
Don’t use shampoos or hair products with too much alcohol and drying agents. Read ingredients in products as you do in groceries.
Try to take a cooler shower as heat causes the cuticle to swell causing damage and breakage of hair and when you shampoo and condition hair in the shower, do not use a brush but a wide-tooth comb. It will save the breakage. Rinse, if possible, in colder water. Run the comb through the hair from the roots to the end through the conditioner. Make sure that the ends should be entangled first so that the comb runs right through and the ends break further.

How to make split ends look better

The hair needs a mask weekly, some oil that will enrich the hair cuticles. This can be an oil that is on the kitchen shelf like coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil. Wash out this oil thoroughly. Hydrating and care of the hair are how to make the split ends look better.

Home Remedies for split ends and hair growth

Since we can’t get rid of split ends we should use some home remedies for split ends and hair growth. Hair does grow faster with the care of split ends and reduction of their cause. With care, you can learn how to prevent split ends naturally.
You can use some oils on your hair, like almond oil to help hold the moisture, Pantithol that has B5 and strengthens the hair cuticles helping to hold the water also and Argon oil from the Argon tree in Morocco. It is moisturizing and adds shine. These oils are how to make split ends look better.

How to get rid of split ends at home

If the intention is to have sleep, shiny hair like the models do, it requires work, but we do spend a great deal of time on our hair, Why shouldn’t we spend enough time for it to look good. How do we get rid of split ends at home? By knowing what causes them and what keeps them from happening.
Some hairstyles do cause more split ends. Hair that is twisted and rolled up will cause splits and a ponytail will stress the hair. It is best if these are your hairstyle to not use metal hair accessories.

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