How To Make A Messy Bun With Long Thick Hair?

messy bun

We have received many requests and Instagram dm about how to do a messy bun correctly. Yes, of course, there are many videos and tutorials are out there about the requested topic. But still why women's are looking for how-to questions? The obvious reason is information is not complete or lacking some obvious questions. There is another fact every person has a different hairstyle and hair type, length, curl and certain look they want to see themselves in bun hairstyle. The important fact is a hairstyle with a bun is most important and there is too much creativity involved in it. It is not true that this hairstyle is popular nowadays but it is the most popular style among women in older days as well.

Messy Bun With Long Thick Hair

Messy Bun With Long Thick Hair

It is a little bit tricky and random all over the place because of long and thick hair.

  • Pull the hair up as highest as you want and towards the elastic.
  • But instated of pull the hair all the way at the end just leave a few inches of hair alone at the end like the ponytail.
  • And then twist the elastic and start to pull the elastic over the bun and make sure the elastic will cover the bun not completely.
  • Elastic should not be all the way over to cover the bun it will leave some hair alone.
  • After that from here just stitching up the elastic to tightly secure the hair.
  • Using your fingers to shape the bun the way you want.
  • You can also use your bobby pins to secure the bun nicely. Many women avoid the bobby pins but it is up to you.


Low Messy Bun


Low Messy Bun

For low messy bun you need one clear elastic and a bobby pin. If your hair is thin you can use two elastics and a couple of bobby pins too.

Pull your hair into a low ponytail and only pull it halfway through. So it will not be a normal ponytail but kind of bun. Always look at the mirror loosen some hair & twist a little bit before you keep going. We just like softer and looser hair in this style. This is a good way to slightly dressier or more casual which looks more fancier.

Grab one section of hair and rape this around to the clear elastic to make a bun. Use some bobby pins to secure the messy bun if you need to. Stretch the hair out to create a low hairstyle position. This is the quickest way to make a low messy bun.


Low side messy bun

Low Side Messy Bun Updo

Section the top of the crown to the back of the ear.

Twist the section and clip it down

Go to the other side and repeat it with a twist and clip it down.

Go to the back and section the crown area, twist and slightly push it up. Use the bobby pin to secure it upward.

Tie the rest of the hair with a clear elastic and braid this section. Lose the braid and twist it around the hair to create a bun. Make sure the loose end will tuck inside the hair. Secure the bun down by using the bobby pin. You can also pin down the bun until it is nice and secure. So keep pin until your bun will be nice and secure.

Now each side hair section twists it and attached it away from your face to the back of the bun. Use the bobby pins to secure it with the bun area. Use any hair spray to make hair more stable and neat. So this way you create an elegant 5 min side bun.










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