How to make box braids

how to make box braids
Box braids are sort of a protective hairstyle. Not only do they look stylish, but they can give a woman's natural hairstyle a rest. Natural hair that is over manipulated tends to produce breakage. Consequently a protective hairstyle and provide a rest for your hair. So, if you are interested in box braids, you've come to the right place.

How to make box braids step by step

Here's How to make box braids step by step.

  • Step 1 prepare your hair. Begin by preparing your hair. Shower, shampoo, and condition your hair thoroughly. And if your hair tends to get frizzy, use a leave-in conditioner. Even if you will be using hair extensions, you want to shampoo and condition your hair. 
  • Step 2 step two is to use a wide-tooth comb and try to detangle as much of your hair as possible. Don't pull or tug at your hair too hard, but the more tangles you remove the better. 
  • Step 3 Step three is to use a protective gel and to blow dry your hair so that it lies as flat as possible. 
  • Step 4 Step four is to trim your hair at the ends, particularly if you will be using extensions, as the extensions will adhere better when your ends are not dry or split. Step 1 through 4 accomplished, now it's time to box braid your hair. 
  • Step 5 Step five is using your forehead to your neck, and alternatively, from ear to ear, divide your hair into 4 sections using a wide-tooth comb. Make sure all 4 sections are even. 
  • Step 6 Step six  is to apply hydrating gel to your ends to avoid frizz. 
  • Step 7 Step seven is to use a retail comb and section of about 1 inch each. Tie back the rest of the section while you do this. Once step seven is complete, and all your hair is in 1-inch sections, then take 6 to 8 packs of synthetic hair to add. 
  • Step 8 Step eight  is to stagger one to two inches of hair between your fingers. You only need two sections. The third will be to form loops around the hair in order to attach them to your natural hair. 
  • Step 9  Step nine is to attach the synthetic hair to your roots. By the time you are complete, you should have three strands of hair, of which the middle one will comprise your natural hair underneath. Then braid the synthetic hair and the natural hair together. If necessary, secure your braids with hair bands, but as this tends to cause frizzing, so use those only if necessary. 
  • Step 10  Step ten is to use scissors and trim away and flyways. 
  • Step 11 Finally, step eleven is to take some boiling water, put the water in a cup, and dip your ends in it. This will seal the braids together.

How to make box braids in kids step by stepbox braids in kids
How to make box braids in kids step by step

Quite naturally, your kids will want to get in on box braids, so here is how to make box braids in kids step by step.

  • Step one is to wash, shampoo, and put conditioner on your child's then blow dry it out.
  • Step two is to divide the hair into four parts, and then one at a time, create squares with a rat tail comb.
  • Step three is to take synthetic hair, and carefully weave the synthetic hair into with the natural hair. Use plenty of hydrating gel on each section of the hair, once it is braided and simply tie off with rubber bands.

After everything is complete, seal the braids with boiling water, but for kids, be sure you have a protective garment around them so they don't suddenly move and wind up scalding themselves.

Be sure at night to put a protective scarf around your child's hair to prevent fizziness, and use a dab of which hazel 2 or three times a week to keep your child's hair clean. Also, massage natural oils into their head to keep their hair moisturized.

Finally, take the braids out once a month. Leaving braid too long in a child can damage their natural hair.
How to make short box braids

How to make short box braids.

One common style is to learn how to make short box braids.

Short box braids are very popular and are easy to do with hair extensions that are cut in half, and then braided into the hair.

Usually, the best way to secure short box braids is with the rubber band method.

how to make long box braids
how to make long box braids

If you want to know how to make long box braids, it's relatively simple. Just get longer extensions to put into your hair. Extensions come in lengths of up to 84 inches, so yes, long box braids are possible.

Just remember, that it takes much longer to do long box braids.

Jumbo knotless box braids

How to do Jumbo knotless box braids?

Jumbos are the easiest to use of all box braid styles, The key to jumbo knotless hair is to weave your natural hair over, not beneath your extensions, and to make sure the extensions blend naturally into your hair.

Bohemian box braids

Bohemian box braids are another style choice. These are braided hairstyles where curly box braids with curly hair braided into the box braids. This can give you a softer and fuller look.

The key, of course, is to buy the right hair extensions that will give you that soft, and voluminous look.

What you are looking to buy here is pre-stretched, crocheted hair.

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