The Secret of FRENCH BRAID

The french braid is one of the most classic and beautiful hairstyles that is loved by a majority of people. Despite the fact that its weave may appear to look complex, it is quite possible to make one of your own. The underlying secret is basically to have strands of hair added to sections, before being able to braid it. In the event that you eventually have mastered the basics of braiding down the french braid, you may choose to add a lace braid, in order to increase the fanciness of the final look. Herein therefore, we shall have a look at some of the ways through which you are able to do the braids on your own, using step by step procedures.

Learning how to french braid your own hair step by step

The following procedure discussed below is a guide that will help you know how to french braid your own hair step by step. At the very end of the procedure, you will also have learnt how to make two french tails yourself step by step. The steps are as discussed below:

  • Wash your hair clean and dry it before anything else. This is the very first thing that you must do before you get down with doing the french braids. Having your hair properly cleaned up and dry will give you an easy time and great control of the strands of hair while doing the braiding. This is because the hair tends to be quite heavy and more susceptible to getting mixed into other pieces, which might result into a mess. Also, having hair that is clean and dry will enable the braids to last longer, without any flakes.
  • The second step is to have your hair separated into different portions. In the event that you want to have double french braids, then you will have to decide on which part you want to start with, and have it sectioned well. Most people prefer having their hair partitioned at the middle section.
  • Thirdly, you need to grab a small section of your hair from one the portions that you have made from step 2 above, and have it separated into three pieces that are equal. You need to do this starting from the top part of your head as you move backwards. Once you have gotten the small section that you need to divide into three portions, you need to separate the larger section using three fingers, into three smaller that are equal in size.
  • Fourthly, begin to make a normal braid. You will do this by starting a regular braid, by having the right piece crossed over the middle part; then eventually crossed over to the left as well. This is basically inter-twinning an inner part with two outer pieces. The outer pieces both have to be crossed over with the inner piece once.
  • Next, you will add hair from each and every side, and have it crossed over the middle part. This is actually the part that makes the great distinction between the regular braiding and the french braiding. This is because with this type of french braiding, you will have to be adding a more hair, bit by bit as you go across each section in the middle part. As you continue moving with the addition of braids, you need to ensure that you have the ends pulled tightly, to avoid any unnecessary bumps that may form.
  • You will then need to keep doing and repeating this same procedure downwards as you continue down the head. While doing this, you will need to ensure that you keep adding hair from both the right and left portions, until you get to the very end of your head, at the neck’s nape. This will therefore mean that you will have accounted for all the hair in the three different portions. Next, you will have to do the tails.
  • At this point in time, you may ask yourself how to make two french tails yourself step by step. The latter is not so complicated, since you will only have to braid the bottom portion in a normal manner, and tie it off, to keep the hair intact and keep it from coming off. Using an elastic hair tie will suffice for this purpose. At this point, you will now repeat these same procedures for the other side, in order to end up with two french braids, with perfect tails that are neat and beautiful.

Getting to know how to french braid short hair

The whole procedure of learning how to french braid short hair is not any different from the one used for long hair; that has been discussed up above. The only major difference in the process of fixing a french braid on the short hair, is that you will have to get a good grip of the hair the whole time you are braiding it. This therefore means that even as you get to add the braids onto the hair, you must have the strands of hair pulled with a much tighter grip of the braid that you are using. You must be careful to really know how to add hair to a french braid, while dealing with short hair so that the final result is neat. Also, with the short hair, you will have to have the braids directed downwards, so that it is able to run much closer to your ear, instead of towards the back part of your head. This will make it more appealing.

Learning how to french braid into a ponytail

The procedure for getting to know how to french braid into a ponytail is not really difficult. This is because, once you have known how to braid your hair using the step by step procedures that are described above, the part of having the braids turned into a ponytail should not really challenge you much. The only difference is that, while braiding into a ponytail, you will have to know how to add hair to a french braid, so that it makes an extension that will serve as the ponytail. This should be done with so much care, because you want to have the ponytail looking neat and classy. Once you have finished braiding to a length that is desirable, you will then use an elastic hair tie to tie the very end of the ponytail french braid, on both sides. You can the get another hair tie for beautifully tying the two french braids together, to have them hang over. This will leave you will a very beautiful ponytail made from the french braids.

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