How To Shampoo The Full Lace Wig?

Washing your full lace African American wigs and full lace wigs with baby hair is important in keeping its natural look and prolonging its duration of lasting. Shampoo your full lace wig when it is needed or every twelve weeks. 

Requirements for shampooing human hair full lace wigs are wide toothed comb, Styrofoam head, T pushpin, empty spray bottle, shampoo, hair conditioner, and a towel.

Remove the full lace human hair wigs from your head, whether full lace African American wig or full lace wigs with baby hair. If there are adhesive residues, clean them before washing the hair by applying adhesive remover to the adhesive residues. Using a soft brush like a tooth brush, remove the glue lace or residues of the tape. 

When you want to start washing your human hair full lace wigs, spray leave in conditioner on the hair for the purposes of dampening the hair and softening to avoid tension and pulling when combing. Using a comb with wide tooth, brush to remove any tangles. While combing, begin from the full lace African American wigs hair ends then to the roots, to avoid hair loss, breaking or tangling due to pulling. After combing, put your full lace human hair wigs on the Styrofoam and use T pushpins to hold the hair in position. Place the Styrofoam head in a sink saturated with warm water. Pour a generous amount of shampoo and warm water in the spray bottle, and spray the hair. Using your finger tips or the comb with wide tooth, distribute the shampoo. Do not rub the shampoo to avoid entangling.
Put the Styrofoam head under a stream of warm water that is gentle to rinse off the shampoo. Add hair conditioner and warm water in another spray bottle, and spray the hair, using your finger tips or wide toothed comb to distribute the conditioner. Leave the conditioner for about ten minutes, and then rinse with gentle stream of warm water. Remove Styrofoam wig and place it on a soft towel. Fold the towel on the and pat to remove excess water. Let the hair dry naturally. Use natural dry towel to help maintain the shape of the hair. If you wish to set your hair with rollers, leave the wig on the Styrofoam, and roll the full lace human hair wig while it is still dump and wait for it to air dry. Do not use a source of heat like hair drier to dry the hair as this will lead to damaging of the wig. 

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