How to Style Mixed Gray Hair Pieces with Grey Hair Scrunchies

What Do I Need?

How to style mixed gray hair pieces with grey hair scrunchies? Mixed gray hair pieces are the perfect solution if you want to add some fun into your hairstyle. The thing is that grey hair scrunchies look amazing, but there’s still a small challenge to overcome: you need to find the best way to wear them together with your gray hair piece. Well, here’s how you can do it!

To perfectly blend and attach salt and pepper hair bun scrunchies with your hair, you need to prepare your hair first. It is recommended that you tie your hair up in a high ponytail and use hairspray to set it into place. Take out some strands of loose curls to add volume to it. It’s also important that you dampen your hair a little before putting on any piece of curly-hair bun so it will stick better and be more natural looking.

Stretching your hair makes it easier to attach ponytail pieces

First, take out any existing bands or headbands that are in your hair. Next, brush and thoroughly detangle your hair. To make sure you cover all of your grey roots, part it in four even sections from front to back on both sides of your head. Gather all of these sections into a low ponytail that reaches just above where you want your grey bun to be. Secure it with an elastic band so it stays in place for next steps.

Step 1 - Create a high ponytail or messy bun

Divide your hair into two sections and secure each of them tightly in a high ponytail. (Alternatively, you can create a messy bun by combing all your hair back, leaving out bangs, and securing it in place.) Make sure you use a scrunchie or some other kind of hair tie that's wide enough for your bun. You don't want to use something small because if will show through your gray locks and make it obvious that you're wearing a wig.

grey bun

Step 2 - Wrap Ponytail Piece Around the Hair

Start by combing out any tangles or knots in your hair. Then take a section of your grey bun and wrap it around your ponytail piece. Secure with an elastic, then repeat on each side. (Alternatively, you can twist just one piece of your grey bun, wrap it around all three sections of your ponytail, and secure them tightly at the nape.

Step 3 - Secure in Place with Bobby Pins

Once you’ve brushed and styled your hair, use a small amount of strong-hold styling spray to give hold to your hairstyle. A great option is Garnier Fructis Frutis Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Hairspray. This lightweight spray will provide hold without weighing down or drying out your hair.


Hide Ends of Ponytail Piece Inside Your Hair Bun

You will have to find a safe place on your head where you can hide the ends of your grey ponytail piece. You do not want those white pieces sticking out. Finding a good way to attach that natural hair extension and then hiding it in with your own black or brown hair is important if you don’t want people to see that you are wearing anything fake. Use some bobby pins so it does not fall out of place when you wear it everyday or when going out in public.




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