How To Trim A Moustache Step By Step For Beginners

Trim a Moustache
Though mustaches have gone relatively out of style recently, and Jerry and George on Seinfeld joked that their mustache made them feel like an out-of-work pornstar, there are plenty of men's magazines reporting that mustaches are coming back into style in a big way. So if you are one of the many men that are leaning toward this new (yet generations old) trend, at least make yourself acquainted with the dos and don's of a mustache.

How To Trim A Long Moustache, Step By Step.
If you are going with a brow on your lip, the least you can do is discover how to trim a long moustache, step by Step.

Step one of course is to let your mustache grow out. If it comes in spotty, you just may not have the genetics for it.

Step 2, assuming you have a full mustache is to do the prep work. That means having a well-lit area to work, washing your mustache in advance, obtaining a mirror to carefully observe the procedure, combing out your mustache, and choosing to use either scissors or a trimmer.
Trim a Moustache
Having a good comb, ideally, a wooden comb is essential. Don't skimp.

Finally, be sure your mustache is dry. A wet mustache will appear longer than it is.

Step 3 is to carefully trim the areas across the lip.

Once that is done, then tackle the upper part of your mustache. Beginners are advised to use scissors as they have more control.

Step 4 is to eliminate much of the bushiness of your mustache. If it's too heavy, it tends to look unattractive.

Step 5 is styling it, which we will go into more detail about later.
Types Of Moustache

Types Of Moustache

There are dozens of types of moustache to choose from. The most popular are the Dali, the Mario plumber, the professor, El Bandito, the Lampshade, the Fu Manchu, the Asterix, the Pyramid, the handlebar, the English, the Horsehoe, and the Chevron.

You can see a side by comparison of each type of mustache at

Long Moustache

The Long moustache was made famous by Musician Frank Zappa, It's a full and complete mustache. Zappa added a soul patch too, but it's a very full mustache.

Handlebar Moustache

The handlebar moustache is probably the most famous style of them all. The mustache extends on both sides of the lip so it looks like a child might grab hold of the handlebars on a bicycle.

English Moustacje

To imagine an English moustacje imagine most vintage British movies and you've got it in your mind. It's similar to a handlebar, but the bars do not dip down so low.

Small Moustache

A small moustache is like Adolph Hitler but not so severe. It does extend from both sides of the lip, but not too far.

Chevron Moustache

Everyone who's seen Tom Selleck during his Magnum PI timeframe instantly can picture the Chevron moustache. It's one of the most distinctive and recognizable of mustaches.

Hungarian Moustache

A Hungarian moustache looks like two Nike swooshes, one left, and one reversed. It tends to be long on both ends of the lip.

Imperial Moustache

An Imperial moustache, often called a Royal mustache, is the type of curlicued mustache that has to be trained to be in place. It's loud and distinctive and tells people you are there.

Best Moustache Styles

Nobody but you can pick the best moustache styles but there are some general guidelines. A great deal of your style will depend upon the type of work that you do.

If you work in business or high finance, then you can pretty well get away with a Tom Selleck Chevron look but try to go into the boardroom wearing an Imperial or a full handlebar mustache and you just may find yourself looking for a new job.

The same goes for a girlfriend. Get too wild and you just may find yourself single again. On the other hand, if you work in IT or in design were style is valued, your new mustache may fit right at home.

Moustache Grooming

Mustaches and not just grown, many of them are styled with moustache grooming.

When you decide to grow a mustache, you also agree by common courtesy, (if not the law) to keep trim and groom your mustache regularly. This means buying a quality comb to brush your mustache out, shampooing your mustache every single day, and frequent trimming.
Moustache Grooming
The more you take care of your mustache, the more acceptable it is to everyone around you. And the reverse is true. Fail to clean the food out of your mustache and have hairs going everywhere is just not a good look.

How To Grow A Moustache

Many people ask, how to grow a moustache?

The answer, surprisingly is to grow a beard first? Get used to people seeing you with facial hair, and then when you cut off the beard and just leave the mustache, it will tend to be readily accepted.

Then when you go to just the mustache, train your hairs to go the right way with regular brushing.

How To Shape A Moustache

As to how to shape a moustache, first, decide the style you are going towards and then regularly apply mustache wax at night to shape it. Also, be brave, it does take time for it to come in right.

How To Style A Moustache

As to how to style a moustache, keep your mustache scrupulously clean, make sure there are never hairs that go into your lip, use a good wooden comb to train your hairs and be very patient. It will come with time.

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