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dnd polish

As you know DND gel nail polish is 100% gel. Following are the steps you can perform at home to apply DND gel nail polish, it will reduce the nail salon trips. And you can see how professional-looking nail look & feel can be produced with this product. That's why it is very popular among nail salons and individual users of this product.  

  • Shaping your nails by manicure file.
  • Using alcohol 99% or acetone to clean nails
  • Pick any colors of DND gel polish - 100% gel
  • Now painting at least 2-3 coats, do not paint too thick.
  • DND 100% gel is easy to paint and can last up to 21 days.
  • After every coat, you should seal the top of the nails.
  • You have to dry every coat by a UV/LED lamp.
  • Finally, cleaning the sticky base on nails by alcohol 99%
  • It is not hard to have perfect gel nails. 
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How do you use DND gel nails?

  1. Apply thin layer of Base coat 500
  2. Cure for 1 Min. in UV Lamp
  3. Apply GEL Polish color of your choice
  4. Cure for 1 Min in UV Lamp
  5. Apply Top Coat like DND  600 


DND polish has some very beautiful stunning colors ,as you can see they do not come out streaky.

What are the difference between the 2 Pack Of DND Polishes?

One is gel and one is regular polish. This is very convenient if you match the same color on their hands and toes. Both nail polish bottles are good size DND polishes. 

The liquid is not too thin or too thick  and maintains the overall shine or gloss  when you done with nails. It is important if you really wipe the top coat or not , You do not need to wipe anything when the top coat is there.




DND Gel Lamp - LED Lamp V3/V4

New updated LED Lamp V4 has some very nice features and improved heat consistency regulators. Price is little as expensive when you compare other brands but it cures much better especially for gel polishes. You can use UV lamps if you are planning to cure any builder gel for your nail extensions if it requires instead of this LED lamp. For traditional gels where you want to use nail extensions and for gel polishes that require at least 36W to cure in that case  hybrid lamps that comes with LED and UV lamps in one unit will save you time and money otherwise you have to switch between lamps.


  • Bigger in size as compared to other brands
  • 36 Watts of Power
  • Countdown Feature
  • Features four curing time buttons for quick easy use: 45s, 50s, 55s & 60s
  • Non-slip, pedicure friendly buttons
  • Cures All Five Fingers And Toes
  • Scratch And Acetone Resistant
  • Metallic reflectors for better heat distribution and easy of cleaning
  • High Intensity Diamond Light Emitting Diodes
  • Led blub last longer  



DND gel polish swatches

See new fall collection gel polish colors using the best of all time DND gel polishes.

DND gel polish swatches

Following is the list of most popular DND nail polish colors.

DND gel base & top coat
- 22 Magenta Rose
- 24 Purple Flower
- 420 Bright Maroon
- 616 Havana Cream
- 95 Orange Rust
- 51 Light Macore
- 456 Cherry Berry
- 422 Portland Orange
- 759 Lava
- 258 Shine Bright
- 622 Midnight Blue
- 748 Leaf Clover
- 83 Eggshell
- 604 Cool Gray

Do you need a base coat with DND gel polish

Base coat is one of most important part of any gel polish, and is one of the key parts to prevent lifting. It creates the adhesion between nail and any anything thing you put on top of it. So base coat is important for adhesion prevent lifting and show better gel polish colors.

  • Sanding free base coatIs type of base coat that does not require any overly file means non-sanding base coat
  • Adhesion Layer : A layer between nail and the base coat 
  • Inhibition Layer :  is the un cure gel left over when you cure the base coat   


Can you use gel nail polish without the UV light

There are some brand in the market that does not require to use any light to cure the polish.

Does DND cure with LED lamp

    • Yes you can use DND LED lamp to cure the gel polish
    • The first step is to gently remove the shine from nail bed with 180/240 buffer in order to produce good results and clean the oil/dirt from nail bed to achieve the desire look .
    • Apply 1st thin layer of Daisy soak-off gel color or DC 800 Base gel. Be sure to seal the free edge foe each step.
    • Cure under UV Lamp for 2 mins or LED for 60 seconds is mandatory.
    • Apply 2nd layer Daisy soak-off gel color or DC 800 Base gel. Cure under UV Lamp or LED lamp with the same time as step 3.
    • Apply Daisy Top Gel 900 Gel Top Coat. Cure under UV Lamp or LED with the same time as step 3. 
    • Use a lint free pad/nail wipes with nail cleanser to remove the tacky residue on the nail carefully to produce very neat look. 

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