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How to use DND gel nail polish ?

As you know DND gel nail polish is 100% gel. Following are the steps you can perform at home to apply DND gel nail polish, it will reduce the nail salon trips. And you can see how professional-looking nail look & feel can be produced with this product. That's why it is very popular among nail salons and individual users of this product.  

  • Shaping your nails by manicure file.
  • Using alcohol 99% or acetone to clean nails
  • Pick any colors of DND gel polish - 100% gel
  • Now painting at least 2-3 coats, do not paint too thick.
  • DND 100% gel is easy to paint and can last up to 21 days.
  • After every coat, you should seal the top of the nails.
  • You have to dry every coat by a UV/LED lamp.
  • Finally, cleaning the sticky base on nails by alcohol 99%
  • It is not hard to have perfect gel nails.


How do you use DND gel nails?

  1. Apply thin layer of Base coat 500
  2. Cure for 1 Min. in UV Lamp
  3. Apply GEL Polish color of your choice
  4. Cure for 1 Min in UV Lamp
  5. Apply Top Coat like DND  600 

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