How to use rice water for hair growth and nourishment

When Kim Kardashian revealed that she used rice water on her hair, the internet went wild. Not surprising to many though. This ancient hair treatment hack has been used by many people throughout the world for centuries.

Here is more about this hair treatment miracle.

Rice water hair treatment step by step

We'll cover everything such as the preparation of the rice water, and how frequently to use it, etc. but let's begin with Rice water hair treatment step by step.

So the first thing you want to do is wash your hair with traditional shampoo. Be sure and rinse all the shampoo out of your hair with warm water before proceeding, and if you prefer, go ahead and use conditioner as well.

Step two is to take a small squeeze bottle, fill it with rice water, and then squeeze the rice water into your scalp. Then, begin to vigorously work the rice water from your scalp all the way to the tips of your hair.

By the way, you don't necessarily need to do this in the shower. Some people prefer to do it over the sink.

Step three is to leave it in your hair for a minimum of 20 minutes until around 30 minutes.

Step four is to rinse your hair thoroughly with cold water, after which you style your hair when it is dry.

How to prepare rice water hair rinse

Quite naturally, people want to know how to prepare rice water hair rinse.

Begin by pouring around half a cup of white or long grain rice into a dish, straining out any impurities.

Next, add two or three cups of water to the bowl of rice and wait. Give it around 15 to 30 minutes to prepare. The water should take on a milky appearance to be ready.

Next, stir the rice to eliminate any clumps, and then strain the rice. The object is to trap the rice water.

You can then transfer the rice water into any type of cup or bowl, but most people prefer using a squeeze bottle.

How to prepare rice water hair spray DIY

There is not much more for how to prepare rice water hair spray DIY. Just be sure you let the rice and the water sit for at least 15 minutes, and 30 minutes is probably ideal.

How to put rice water on hair

Because it is easier to get down the roots, most people think how to put rice water on hair is best accomplished through the use of a squeeze bottle. For one thing, by using a squeeze bottle you avoid getting too much on one part of your hair and for the others, don't have enough.

How long rice water rinse should stay in hair?

As to how long rice water rinse should stay in hair, the answer is simple. A minimum of 20 minutes to 30 minutes should do it. If you want to go overboard, try it for an hour if you like, but there is little evidence that an hour will do your hair any better.

How frequent rice water rinse is used

As to how frequent rice water rinse is used, most beauty experts recommend doing what suits you the best. It's quite gentle, so you can do it every day if you wish, every other day or just once a week.

what is fermented rice water rinse pros and cons

Most people, quite naturally, want to know what is fermented rice water rinse pros and cons?

The first element is in the preparation. Some people like to cook the rice, then strain water through it. Personally, we feel that simply using water and letting the water leech the nutrients from the rice is quite sufficient. We believe that cooking the rice destroys many of the vitamins contained in the rice.

True, you can eat the rice you have cooked for dinner, but rice is extrmely cheap, so skip the cooking phase.

Rice contains many vitamins that can assist hair in growing strong and healthy such as Vitamin E, B Vitamins, antixidants, amaino acids, and minerals such as pottasium, folic acid and selenium.

In addtion, rice contains a lot of starch, which is not so good for your diet, but does a lot to help your hair grow longer and thicker without breaking.

While there is little scientific research on the subject, experts believe the main benefit is that the ingredients in the rice water increases elasticity, by not only infusing your hair with vitamins, but also reduces static and breakarge from brushing.

While there appear to be relatively few negatives to rice water, some dermatoligists suggest that people with baby fine hair should tread lightly, as too much heavy starch can lead to brittleness and dryness. So if that fits you, maybe once a week is much better than every day or every other day.

rice water hair growth recipe

Rice water hair growth recipe is relatively simple. Just rice and water, that is mixed and strained. The biggest problem is in being too much of a hurry. Be sure to let the water and rice mix and sit before straining for at least 20 minutes.

How long does rice water last

Again, asking how long does rice water last on your hair has no scietific answer, but generally, most people have tried it say the treatment tends to last around 1 week.

The true benefits of rice water for hair

For most people the true benefits of rice water for hair tends to be that rice water does provide a shine and a fullness to one's hair.

One additional benefit is that this hair treatment is relatively cheap. People spend up to $20 a month or more on hair products to make their hair livlier, whereas with reice water, maybe $5 or less will do the trick and make your hair shiner and more manageable.

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