Supertape For Lace Front Wigs How Strong it Can Hold ?

Supertape is the wig tape manufactured by a true tape company. This tape is a great alternative to any wig adhesive. You can attach your hairpiece for several days without moving it from your scalp even in the most extreme conditions. This tape holds last for days and it is much easier to clean off than wig glue. During sleep, your wig will stay attached the same way as during the day.

If you buy any other lace tape from your local beauty supply store if those tapes do not belong to companies like true tape, walker, VAPON most of the time they will not stick. Supertape has a very high gloss finish but it sticks very very well. So most of the people use this tape to the nape of the neck. It comes in different sizes high contours 'C', 'CC' and mini, etc. It holds time is 4+ weeks.

Supertape has an elastic-like feel to it so it moves and stretches with your head to ensure comfort. Overall this very thin tape is suitable to any wig base. The breakdown of this tape is not messy and will not leave any residue when removed. You can not use it if your skin sweating during the day in full sun. It hard to work with double siding because it is thin. But you can still use a small piece in the front top of wig that seems to hold the wig in place well.

Is this tape is safe for sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin you should avoid this super tape because it can create rashes or other things on your skin.

Dimensions of these super tape contours?

3/4" wide X 3" length of a single Double-side tape strip

 How to use this Tape?

It makes much easier if you apply tape on an inside of the wig cap first and then attaches to the head that comes off in one piece no gummy residual gunk as well. 

Colder climate and wig tape?

Any tape holds longer in a colder climate.

 During Summer Time?

Summer is always a challenge for all tapes &  adhesives. Too much heat or sunlight really melt your tape inside the lace unit that reduces overall hold time.


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