Walker Blue Liner Tape Is Really Discontinued ?

After a long pause, the walker tape company resume its blue liner tape production and now it is available in our market again. It is very hard to find the substitute for blueliner tape which gives them more or less the same hold time. This tape by far exceeded the customer expectations. It holds excellent & it’s easy to clean off even after several weeks of wearing. You won’t be disappointed at all by using this tape.
You will love this tape works great on any full lace or lace front wig but not suitable for poly or skin wig bases at all. You can use this tape on the backside of the wig as well and does not come loose until you take it off. Blueliner tape does not break down and get gooey or even have a bad smell as compared to some other brands in the market. The actual hold time for this tape is around 4 weeks and then you took off this tape by applying any wig tape remover e.g c-22 or 99% alcohol thinner.   
This is a little bit thick tape as compared to supertype by true tape company. But it holds the edges of your wig more securely as any other tape. This will hold your wig lace with hair as they were growing from your scalp. Hide your wig edges completely.

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