What is an L Part Wig

L Part Wig In case you are among the many women who love great hair, then L part Wig is what you have been missing. The reason why this wig is referred as L part Wig is because the wig forms an "L molded" opening which structures your part, the L-shaped opening usually occurs at the top of the wig. Your hair is used to cover the tracks hence the name Invisible Part Wig.


  • What can be done with an L-Part Invisible Wig

One advantage of this wig is that it is very versatile which enables it to accomplish almost anything, for instance, taking it out or putting it in takes just a few minutes. The wig also gives you the option of either braiding your entire head or not since some people prefer braiding their hair around the L-shape opening area. Also, the L part Invisible Wig consider the preference of those women who prefer washing their hair regularly and that why there are several ways that one can attach the wig, for instance, you can attach the wig using bobby pins, hair glue, hair clips or simply sew and this way you are able to save a lot of time since you don't have to take off bunch of tracks. L-Part Invisible Wig is also known for its ability to withstand heat up to four hundred Teflon and its capability to be styled and cut just like a natural hair. 

  • How to Find a Quality Invisible Part Wig

Some people may argue that all the information they need about wigs is readily available in tutorials and videos but what most people forget is that there is a major difference between buying an L-Part Invisible Wig and making one. It is important to ensure that the wig that you are buying is of high quality and most importantly it is tested. For instance, there is a difference between the already hand tied wigs and those that you make yourself in terms of quality, since the one you make yourself are likely to have mistakes made when sewing or gluing the track down. It is always advisable to purchase a new one in case you notice your current one is developing some defects. 

  • Wearing a Curve Part Wigs

The hair market today has numerous offers that at times leads to confusion of the average consumer when it comes to selecting quality. For instance, it is very likely nowadays to find a website offering wigs that are relatively cheap and be tempted to buy one of them but after some few days you realize that the wig has a problem when it comes to combing, washing, and drying, at times you may also discover that the wig has a problem of falling hair. For that reason, it is important to consider several factors before you buy a wig, one of the factors is the category of the wig, putting in mind there are a number of categories of both the synthetic and natural hair. When choosing a Curve Part Wig it is better to go with the natural hair and not the synthetic one since the synthetic hair is very hard to maintain, almost impossible.


  • L-Part Invisible Wig Creation

Like I stated earlier in this article, there are several methods of L-part invisible wig creation, but the two popular ones are the hot glue gun method and the sewing method. In case you decide to use the sewing method, then you will need a pair of scissors, C-curved needle, foam head, wig cap, and pins. In case you opt for the hot glue gun method then you will need hot glue gun sticks and hot glue gun. In the case of sewing, it is a method that use the thread and needle to create wefts. In case you are aiming at achieving longevity with your wig, in that its tracks will be firm, then sewing would be the best method to use. On the other hand, hot glue gun method is appropriate when you are strapped for time, however, it is recommendable for those people with sensitive scalp to exercise extra care when using the hot glue gun method since the glue may have a negative reaction to their health. The good thing with creating the Curve part wig yourself is that you are able to com up with custom unit every day and hence the versatility. As I conclude, when the L-Part Invisible wig is done right, no one will have the slightest clue that you are wearing a wig since it is capable of creating an illusion that you have a natural hair. But for you to achieve such an impression, always remember to leave enough of your hair which is supposed to cover the L-shaped part opening. Also being flexible is always helpful for instance you can try.

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