How To Trim A Beard Step By Step

How to Trim Beard Step By Step
After a long time being unfashionable, beards are hot right now. Maybe they actually never went out of style, but rather some men let their beards get shaggy and unmanageable. As well as you trim your beard and maintain it, beards can look quite attractive on men.

So what are the best grooming tips for a beard in 2021.
how to trim beard with scissors
Beard Trimming Step By Step

The first step in beard trimming is to wash and condition it. And believe it or not, there are special beard soaps and conditioners. Your beard hair is different than the scalp on your head, so you should really wash and condition it with products made for your beard. Trust us, this will make all the difference.
how to trim beard with comb and trimmer
Step 2, after your beard dries (and yes you can use a blow dryer) is to brush your beard out.

Brush your hair, and then comb it as well, against the grain of your beard. This will make the hairs of your beard stand both up and out.

Step 3 is of course creating a well-trimmed beard. Most men will use an electric trimmer, and when starting your trim, be sure to have a bigger guard on the trimmer to avoid cutting a section of your beard too short.

If you want something simple, then an even length all around is ideal. However, if you are going for a longer length, that complicates it somewhat.

The best way to work with more complicated shapes is to leave the hairs around your chin somewhat longer and to make your beard shorter on the sides of your face.

Consider a number 3 setting in the temple area, but when you get to the goatee area, a four or even a 5 setting. Most men use the corners of their mouths to establish the dividing line between the shorter and the longer hairs.

And your mustache should be as short as the hairs around your temples.

The final step is to define your neckline. This can get somewhat tricky, but the best bet is to trim everything below your Adam's apple.

In addition, it's ideal, whenever you have time, to apply some beard oil. Work it in with a comb to keep your beard moisturized
How To Trim Beard With Philips Norelco Multigroom

How To Trim Beard With Philips Norelco Multigroom

Because so many people use them, here's a separate section on How to trim beard with Philips Norelco multigroom.

Phillips recommends doing an all-over beard trim with the longest setting after you have washed and dried your beard.

The next step is to define your neckline. Phillip advises finding your Adams's apple and then an inch or so above, use as your trim line. Then ruthlessly shave everything below with your Norelco, followed up by a trim with a safety razor.

Next, follow with your cheek line. If you are happy the way your cheek line is, leave as it is. But if you want an edgier, cleaner look, go for a straight or slightly rounded cheek line.

Finally, tackle your mustache trim.
How to Cut A Beared
How to Cut A Beared

As to how to cut a beared, the main thing is to proceed with caution. Begin with your trimmers on the highest, guarded setting because if you cust too much, you'll then have a choppy-looking face.

Better to shave it all off and start all over.

How To Trim Your Beard

As to how to trim your beard, the thing is to not be obsessive, but at the same time, don't let it grow unattended. Once your beard is the ideal length, to keep it there, you need to trim it about every 3 weeks or so.

Again, always start slow with the lowest setting, if you want the ideal results.

Well Trimmed Beared

Maintenance is essential for a well trimmed beared. Tme main thing is to keep your neckline trimmed daily, and the shorter hairs on your beard trimmed at least weekly.

How To Trim Long Beared

The thing to remember about long beards is the length should never be radical. If your beard covers your entire face then you aren't really keeping up with the maintenance. A beard should look natural, not like you are a neanderthal. So learn how to trim long beared.

How To Trim Beard With Clippers

Learning how to trim beard with clippers is essential if you do not want to go the electric clipper route.

Although you can use any type of scissors that you use to cut hair, there are precision beard clippers that give you more control.

The main thing is to use a comb, go against the grain, and to take off just a little at a time. If you go slow, you will be fine. If you rush it, there may be a disaster.

How To Use A Beared Trimmer

Because many men go clipper happy, most want to learn how to use a beared trimmer.

The main element here is to be sure your trimmer is constantly oiled and to get to know your various guard settings early in the beard process. Better to learn early, than late.

Trim Beared With Electric Razor

Not much new information here about trim beared with electric razor. Just go slow.

How To Style Beard

Learn to define the shorter and longer parts of your beard if you want to learn how to style beard. Your neckline and your cheeklines are critical.

How to Shave a Beared

As to how to shave a beared, just go slow to be sure you don't change your mind. But once its gone so far, then use an unguarded tip and mow away.

How To Groom Your Beared

As to how to groom your beared, realize that often the hairs need training. So buy plenty of beard oil, and put it in quite often.

Beard Grooming Tips

The main beard grooming tips are to trim frequently to keep your beard neat.

How To Trim A Moustache

As to how to trim a moustache, use a comb and raise the hairs, then gently trim.

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