Walker Tape Ultra Hold Is Waterproof ?

First , I will describe what is walker tape ultra hold is? Ultra hold is the wig glue that comes in 0.5 oz and 3.4 oz plastic bottles made by  a US company name Walker Tape company. This hair glue is been around for long time.Ultra hold is very popular among wig, hairpiece, toupee owners. They use this adhesive to attach the hairpiece on their heads. This liquid adhesive has all most no visible color and stays the same colorless when it dries. This extremely sticky liquid can be applied directly on the scalp of the wearer or put it inside the base of the hairpiece. You can also apply this adhesive inside of the red liner wig tape as well to build more hold.

Everybody has its own personal preference or following the hairpiece recommendations but the base of the hairpiece is very important to identify which attachment adhesive or just tape can be helpful without damaging the hair and its base. Keep in mind just like its name ultra hold is very sticky and strong hairpiece adhesive which last almost a month in suitable conditions and your personal lifestyles.

 So the question many customers asking is ultra hold glue is waterproof? The answer is every liquid glue is waterproof  to a certain extent but constant heat really meltdown the hairpiece glue in hair. Quality of water also impacts the glue hold and it can be detached from your scalp easily.This glue maximum hold time as per indicated by the instructions label is 3-5 weeks. This glue is very very tacky yes! when you put your wig lace on this glue your lace will not go any where will stick very quickly right into your scalp.But this glue can be very very messy so use your own application brush to cleanly apply it.Because of its long hold time you can go longer between reapplications.Because it is waterproof so you can shower , swim and live your life without worry.Hold time for ultra hold adhesive can be increased by using the scalp protector products , needs to apply first before adhesive application. 

scalp protector

 You can release the bond with lace release.And clean up the adhesive with another walker product C-22.



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