Make Your Lace Wigs Look More Natural

How to Make Lace Wigs Look More Natural and a Word on Indian Remy Lace Wigs 

The first thing about making lace wigs, or any wig look more natural is hiding the source of attachment, whether it's bobby pins or glue. The second thing is the ability to part it just about anywhere. The third thing is that it feels unprocessed. With lace wigs, especially, softness and natural flow also count.

When your new wig arrives, the first thing you want to do is wash it. This is in order to get rid of the effects of any chemicals that went into putting it together. It's also to make sure that your wig was not dyed and that it dries into its original texture.

When you apply your wig, the first thing you need to do is moisturize your natural hair in order to help make it stay on. You'll want to apply a wig liner in order to trap the moisture. Next, you want to make sure your wig is extra clean by spritzing it with something like leave-in conditioner and running a comb through it. Then, it's ready to be placed on. Bobby pins usually work pretty well by placing on the nape, one on the temple, one behind the ear and repeat on the other side. 

Next comes the alignment of the part. Then you're ready to remove the flexible rods. Remember, heat can damage lace wigs so it is generally recommended to not use a blow dryer. In order to make the lace blend in more with the wig's color, you can use something like a mascara wand. If you want to, you can style it by using a curling iron or straightener.

Indian Remy human hair lace wigs especially have all sorts of designs that make them look natural. Whether it's the bob or the kinky curly style that you're going for, there are plenty available. Indian Remy human hair lace wigs come in any shade from golden blonde to the lighter shades of black. The main difference between Remy hair and virgin hair is that former is a premium segment by which the roots of the hair are located on one side and the tip on the other. All of the cuticles are placed in the same direction. Virgin hair, on the contrary, is hair that has never been touched by processing chemicals. It also means that the donor didn't have the hair dyed or styled in any way.

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