Walker Tape Ultra Hold Review

If you have suffered from cancer or for some reason do not like your hair, you may try wearing a wig. In this case, you will need a type of wig glue. Wig glue is adhesive that helps hold your wig in place. That way you can participate in everyday life and don't have to worry about your wig falling off or out of place.


As long as this glue is applied correctly it has all good reviews. It works best if it is pre cursored by alcohol scalp cleanser. Along with that, it is also a good idea to use a wig cap. This just helps protect your skin against the harshness of super lace wig glue strong hold acrylic adhesive.


Walker Tape wig glue is acrylic based wig glue. Most reviewers have only good things to say about this product. They say that with the proper application it is hair glue that dries clear and holds a wig in place for long periods of time. Along with that, some of the normal problems that come with wig glue like it being visible or tacky, they don't have with this great acrylic based wig glue.

This hair glue that dries clear also has great reviews on it being waterproof. Many people like to swim in their wigs and often take showers in their wigs. This great product can hold up to that as well as being great for long term wig use. Many said that even through extreme sweating their wig held up and felt secure. This means that it is a great product if it can interact with a person's body and sweat and still stand strong. It is a super lace wig glue strong hold acrylic adhesive. You will not be disappointed when it comes to this wig glue.

No product has all great reviews. This product is no different. Many claims that it didn't last very long. Other negative reviews say that it did not stand up to water like the product claims.

Along with that, there were quite a few negative reviews about the company. They claimed that the company refused to refund their money when their product was poor. Others say the customer service at the company was really bad.

A few customers also said that the product interacted terribly with their skin and they had bad allergic reactions. A few customers really liked the product but found the glue dried in the bottle faster than they could use it. They ended up throwing a fair amount of glue away.

Basically, the reviews on this wig glue adhesive were all over the place. There were many reviews saying it was great and the best wig glue they had ever tried. There were also product reviews claiming the product was terrible and didn't work at all. Basically, it seems to have to do with good application and interaction with a person's body chemistry. At the end of the day, you have to use the beauty products that work well for you and this product is no different.

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