All about Lace Wigs for the Beginners

Just bought a new lace wig and not sure what to do next? This article explains everything about lace wigs for beginners.
First let’s talk about packaging and what to expect from your new lace wig. When your wig first arrives and you remove it from the package it should contain a care booklet. This booklet will include care instructions to make your wig last as well as proper wig application. After reading your booklet, you should notice your wig most likely came packaged with a wig cap that is either stocking material or knitted. If you did not get a cap in the package you can purchase one at any local beauty store and it is highly recommended you use a wig cap in order to make wig application much easier. You will also notice that your wig either has tracks or not. Wigs without tracks are more expensive but provide more versatility making for better lace wigs for beginners.
Wig application may seem a bit confusing at first. You will notice there is excess lace at the front and nape of your wig. This can be cut and customized to your own hairline. You can cut all of the excess lace off and allow your baby hair to be your hairline for the wig. To begin applying hold the wig by the back (nape) so that it is upside down. Place the wig over your hair pull it back setting the combs. It is important that before you apply your wig that your natural hair is as flat as you can get it to provide the most natural look, braids or cornrows work best. Once the wig is on you can slide it back about 1 centimeter if you are using your baby hair as your hair line and then slide the combs of the wig through the wig cap and into your natural hair.
You can now make your wig more natural looking. Make a small part in your baby hair that is showing to match the part in your wig. You can then use a small brush and edge control gel to smooth down the hairs in the correct direction. You may also notice that your wig is too dark to match your scalp. If that is the case take concealer in the correct shade to match your scalp and dab it onto the wigs part and blend to give a natural look. Once you are done you can style the hair however you wish. Your lace wig can be straightened, colored, curled, etc. To preserve the thickness and life of your lace wig be gentle while handling it and it is preferable to use the brush or comb that came with the wig to brush the hair.

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